I am soooooo tired...

Tired of what I see on the news, tired of reality shows that focus on the absolute worst people have to offer, tired of the people behaving badly held in front of my face.

Because I don't think it's truly representative of who we are.

Only occasionally do I post on weekends, and when I do it's usually an interesting, positive story (way off the topic of photographic). My plan is to post more regularly on weekends, to share the good, the kind, the heartwarming story.

This week I want to share the story of Jack Potter (no relation to Harry), and his wife Phyllis who have been married for over 70 years.

Sadly, 5 years ago Phyllis was moved into a long term care facility because of her worsening dementia.

But since that day (and everyday since) Harry has visited Phyllis and reads to her from the diaries he's kept since 1938.

Here is his diary entry from when they met on October 4th 1941:

"Very nice evening. Danced with very nice girl. Hope I meet her again".

You can read the story of Jack and Phyllis Potter here.

We are not changing the focus of the blog, we simply are going to do a bit more of what we are already doing on weekends.

If you have a positive, uplifting story that we can share with our readers please email it to us.


Anonymous said...

One reason you may feel tired is the pervasive selling of fear. The message is clear: The world is a scary place, and you should be worried. Be careful what you eat, drink, and breath. Watch out where you go. Be on the alert for who you meet and talk to. Scammers, criminals, and those out to harm us are everywhere. You see this message in reality shows, product advertisements, news shows, public service announcements, literally everywhere. In fact, in 2006, the Time magazine cover read "be worried, be very worried."

Thanks for a breath of fresh air with this story.

Scott said...

Well that didn't make me feel any better!


But seriously, it's sad how much truth is in your comment.

Thanks for coming by and taking the time to write.

adamsorber said...

Thanks, Scott, for the interruption to the white noise that is most of my RSS feeds.

sharin said...

Amen. There is entirely too much negativity. Almost makes me want to step away from all electronics, but my camera is electronic so I won't. ;) Plus, I online recipes sites.

Thanks for the cute story. Sad, but cute nonetheless.

Shirley A. Wilson said...

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